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Have You Ever Come Eye to Eye With a Bear?

Have you ever come eye to eye with a bear? I have! I should say "we" have, because most of the occasions of encountering bears were with my husband Mike. The first time we encountered a bear, we were walking around our block in Colorado Springs at night when it was dark. A ranger had… Continue reading Have You Ever Come Eye to Eye With a Bear?

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A Work of Art…Horses

In the book of Job (pronounced Jobe) in the Bible, God is having a discussion with Job, and at one point He is describing the horse that He created (Job 39:19-25). You might say that God is extremely proud of the horse's beauty, strength, excitement, and courage! It is an Artist feeling gratified about His… Continue reading A Work of Art…Horses

Wild Animals

Roarsome Facts About Lions

Psalm 104 declares, "Let the Lord be glad in His works"! Not only is God "glad" in the animals as part of His creation, but the same psalm says that God feeds the animals and cares for them, even the young lions. "The young lions seek their food from God." God delights and is glad… Continue reading Roarsome Facts About Lions