Goat Tales

Goat Tales: Life Lesson #2. We Need Each Other.

From day one since we got our three goats, Lucy, Sadie, and Miriam, there has been an obvious truth: goats are herd animals. (They always somehow appoint a herd leader, probably based on personality strength, and Lucy is the gal in our herd!)

The goats pictured here are not our goats, but they are doing something that our goats so often do, enjoy each other! They play, they rest cuddled together, and yes, sometimes they butt heads. But how they would miss butting heads with their comrades if they didn’t have them!

I’ve learned a life lesson from our goats, and that is that I should never think that I don’t need other people. I do.

People are different from goats, though. We are somewhat herd creatures, and some people are more so than others. But we also need alone time (Which goats do not. They are miserable when they are alone.) But we people need both. Extroverts tend to think they always need others around to be happy. Introverts (which I tend to be) make the mistake of thinking they can go it alone. My cat teaches me the life lesson of independence, but that is another “tale” for another day!

But my goats have reminded me of the joy of the herd. Life would be easier for each goat if they didn’t have to share their food, share the sleeping crate, share the attention they get. But “easy” doesn’t always mean “better.”

And I’ll leave you with a little secret about myself. I get hurt when people seem to only like me when I have something to offer. And so I tend to want to leave the herd and say, “I don’t need anyone.” Goats have the advantage (apparently) of never getting their feelings hurt. But people do get hurt feelings. Here’s a quote to think about if you feel the way I do about this:

Thank you, sweet goats, for being a visual to me that it’s a good thing to not stray from the joys that come from being part of a herd!

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