Torpedo-Shaped Bird in a Tuxedo…the Penguin!

There’s something about penguins that make people fall in love with them. They are cute and a little homely at the same time. They look friendly, but not exactly cuddly! And they are definitely intriguing. Their life style and their ways of doing things are captivating to study and to watch. Following are some interesting facts about penguins.

*There are 17 species of penguins and all are found in the Southern hemisphere.

*While most birds have wings, penguins are equipped with flippers to help them swim. These birds are shaped like torpedoes and some can swim as fast as 22 miles per hour.

*Penguins are quite romantic! Here’s what author Erin Spenser (blog: Ocean Currents) says about them:

Penguins may not all be monogamous, but they are champs at wooing potential mates. Different species of penguins charm partners in different ways, including building nests, calling and braying and presenting mates with gifts. Male gentoo penguins will scour the beach to find the smoothest, most perfect pebble to give a potential partner. If the female penguin approves of the offering, she will put the pebble in her nest, signaling that the relationship can move forward. Other species will engage in elaborate displays of trumpeting, head-swinging, flipper-flapping and bowing to show their affection. Because who wouldn’t fall for a spectacle like that?

*Penguins can’t breathe underwater, even though they spend 75% of their time in water. But they are good at holding their breath! Their dives vary between 7 and 20 minutes.

*Penguins look kind of smooth, at least from a distance, like a fish. But they actually have feathers, and lots of them! In fact, they have the highest density of feathers of any bird.

*Penguins who are healthy have no land predators. The result is they are not fearful and are often very friendly with people.

*Emperor penguins huddle together to stay warm and to protect from wind. They rotate places moving from the inside to the outside so that no one gets a better spot for very long. It looks like the younger penguins get priority. Boy, we can learn a lot from penguins!

I began this blog Goat Tales because I am more and more fascinated with the artistry of God the Creator in making His various animals. I think the penguin takes the cake in creativity, at least in my opinion!

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